Forgot Credentials?

The LiteBlue USPS Login portal is used by every USPS employee. Every employee is filled with a feeling of inner satisfaction and cheerfulness after they have enrolled themselves on this login portal. The huge number of services available on this login portal is one of the most fundamental reasons for this satisfaction.

How Do I Reset LiteBlue USPS Password?

Passwords have always been a difficult thing for users to remember. Of course, noting down somewhere, or saving it in a Notepad file is a solution.

But, sometimes we forget to do it too. In this case, the LiteBlue USPS provides the user an option to reset his account password by following a set of minimal steps.

Had it been another platform, your account would have been never restored. But, LiteBlue Login knows that the employee can’t lose his account by any means. Just follow the steps enlisted here to reset your account password.

  • To begin the password reset process, you need to visit the official Lite Blue Login portal at LiteBlue.USPS.Gov.
  • On this page, below the Log In button, you will see a “Forgot Password” button. Just, tap this button to continue with your password reset process.
  • On this page, you will see a couple of text fields. Here, you are asked to submit an Employee Identification Number.
  • Submit this number, then input your email address.
  • After this, hit Reset Password.
  • The LiteBlue USPS Login portal will send you a link that is your gateway to reset your account password.
  • Use this link to reset your account password and then sign in to your Lite Blue Login account using your new login credentials.
  • Once you sign in, you can use the services of this portal the same as before.

The above steps make it clear that the LiteBlue Login portal is extremely flexible and user-friendly for the employees. Not only password reset but also, the registration process and the login process is simple for the users to perform.